Pokemon Sword And Shield Would Feature Customization!

Many sources have unveiled some details associated to Nintendo’s upcoming E3 Direct Presentation which hints that the studio is planning to disclose information associated to a number of titles namely Luigi’s Mansion 3, Fire Emblem: Three House, Animal Crossing.

Pokemon Sword

But interestingly enough another leak has suggested that Pokemon Sword and Shield would allow trainers to customize their in-game avatar in the generation eight Nintendo title. The said information has come from a T-shirt contest which featured a number of competitors from Japan.

Although such a customization option has been present for all the core RPG titles since Pokemon X and Y, still it is pleasing to witness this feature finally coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The above-mentioned T-shirt contest was organized by Uniqlo, who is famous for its casual wears clothing. Amongst hundreds of designs, a T-shirt titled Ocean King won which included Gyarados, Magikarp in a Totem style. This T-shirt was designed by Li Wen Pei whose design would be included in the Pokemon Sword and Shield title as a wearable item for the protagonist.

The Ocean King wearable T-shirt would be available in the in-game shop of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon fans will be able to purchase this item using real money. Still, due to this T-shirt contest, Pokemon fans and community members are sure that the new Pokemon Sword and Shield would also include different wearable items for trainers to experience stylized look in the game.

Although it is speculated that the Pokemon title would feature sufficient amount of items and cosmetics to change the complete look of the in-game character, still many community members are stating that Niantic would possibly showcase some of the more exciting avatar wearables during the upcoming E3 2019 event.

The said T-shirt contest was brought to general eyes by posting the image of the winning T-shirt on a Twitter handle, namely Serebii.net, which even showed an in-game female protagonist wear it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are going to bring some of the memorable landscapes to life which resembles a lot with some of the locations of Great Britain so players can expect some exciting cosmetics associated to the western culture. 

Although the said game is expected to launch in the coming month of July, still the upcoming E3 2019 tech event would reveal some more detailed information associated with the title. Let’s see how the new in-game cosmetic feature improve on the player’s in-game interactions as it would definitely allow players to change their avatars according to different regions.

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