How to Troubleshoot Netflix Streaming Issues on Android Devices

Netflix is one of the most popular videos streaming service, but it doesn’t mean that it always runs smoothly. However, it also relies on internet connectivity, applications, and third-party hardware that may cause the service not works properly. Netflix streaming issue is one of the most common troubles that users encounter. If movies and TV shows are not playing on your Android Smartphone or Android tablet or are stuck on loading with a black screen, then try these troubleshooting solutions.


•    Reboot your Android smartphone or tablet

•    Erase the Netflix app data

•    Install the Netflix app again (Update)

•    Restart the internet connection or modem

•    Check your Wi-Fi signal

•    Try using another internet connection

Here is how to troubleshoot Netflix streaming issues on Android smartphones or Android tablets.

Reboot your Android Smartphone or tablet

Restarting works as first aid, restarting a device fixes most of the small and even some significant errors. Therefore, you should try restarting your first, if you’re facing the Netflix streaming error. Here is how to complete this easiest task.

1.    Place your finger on the power button of your Android device.

2.    Press and hold down the button, until the reboot menu will not appear on the screen.

3.    Confirm your action that you want to power off your device.

4.    When the device off completely. Press and hold down the button again.

5.    Remove your finger when the company logo appears on the screen.

6.    Allow your Android to boot up properly.

7.    Once it turns on completely, unlock your device, if it is locked.

8.    Now, launch the ‘Netflix’ app.

9.    Start playing a video and check if the streaming problem is solved.

If you’re still encountering the streaming issue, try the clearing app data.

Erase the Netflix app data

Erasing the app data of the Netflix app is simple. You can clear cache and app data right from your Android settings. Here’s how.

Note: Clearing the Netflix app data will erase your login, downloaded titles as well as other data from the app.

1.    Open Android Settings.

2.    Touch on ‘General.’ If there is no such option, then open ‘Apps or Applications.’

3.    Now, open ‘Manage Applications, Manage All Apps, Application Manager, or Download.’

4.    Scroll down and look for the ‘Netflix’ app.

5.    Tap on ‘Netflix’.

6.    Tap on ‘Clear Data’ Clear Storage.’ You may need to tap on ‘Storage’ first.

7.    Tap ‘OK.’

8.    After erasing the Netflix app data, close the Android settings.

9.    Now, open the Netflix app.

10.    Sign in with your Netflix account.

11.    Start playing a video and check if the streaming problem is solved.

Some Android devices don’t allow to delete Netflix app data. If you’re also unable to delete app data, continue troubleshooting with the below solutions.

Install the Netflix app again (Update)

Removing or uninstalling the Netflix app will remove the titles if you have downloaded to your device. Try updating your Netflix app if you don’t want to lose your titles, login, and other data. This way, you’ll not lose your Netflix titles or data as well as troubleshoot the Netflix streaming issue.

1.    Open ‘Play Store’.

2.    Search for ‘netflix’.

3.    Select the ‘Netflix’ app from the result.

4.    Then tap ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Update.’ If you’ve selected ‘Update,’ then the app will begin installing immediately, now you don’t need to follow the below steps.

5.    Tap ‘OK.’

6.    After uninstalling completes, tap ‘Install’ to install the Netflix again.

7.    When the app installed, tap ‘Open’ to start the app.

8.    Start playing a video and check if the streaming problem is solved.

Restart the internet connection or modem

1.    Turn off all the devices connected with your home network.

2.    Power off your Android device.

3.    Now, disconnect your modem or router from the power source.

4.    Wait for at least one minute.

5.    Connected your modem or router to the power source again and wait.

6.    Power on your Android device.

7.    Start Netflix and try playing a video.

Check your Wi-Fi signal

If you’re using the Netflix over a Wi-Fi network, try this.

•    Shift your router to a new place to improve the signal strength.

•    Keep other wireless equipment such as a microwave oven or cordless phones away from the router.

•    Make sure you’re using the Netflix within the Wi-Fi range.

These solutions will surely troubleshoot Netflix streaming issues on Android devices.

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