5 Tips and Tricks to Pass All Gardenscapes Levels

Gardenscapes is a popular FTP game wherein players rake their path via a storyline laced with surprising twists and turns to revamp an amazing garden to its previous glorious state. For doing so, players have to install benches, fountains, trees, etc. While the gameplay is rather easy, some levels can be hard to pass. Let’s go through the top tips and tricks to help you beat all Gardenscapes levels.

  • Start a new day when your energy bar is at its lowest

The Gardenscapes game divides the garden-construction simulation into several minor tasks which are spread across different days. Upon the completion of the tasks, the % bar for the present day shall get filled. When you have completed the final task for the current day, then the percentage bar will be full, you will get rewards, and then you can begin the following day.

  • Save the stars

For completing garden tasks such as adding benches, repairing tree houses, etc., stars have to be spent. To earn the stars, you need to complete the match-3 levels. You earn one star per level. In spite of spending the stars as and when you receive them, it is better to save them. This will help you in completing a number of tasks in succession to progress faster.

  • Know the kind of pieces you need

The Gardenscapes game has three primary objectives. You need to collect a certain number of pieces. Find Gnomes, and bring the lemonades to the bottom. In the later levels, you will be challenged to complete multiple objectives at the same time, and this can be a bit tough if you have limited moves. Hence, you should be aware of the kind of pieces required for completing the objective. Concentrate on collecting on the necessary pieces and leverage the Rainbow Blast power-up.

  • Find gnomes

You can find gnomes beneath the grassy patches. The patches of grass have to be removed for unearthing gnomes. To remove the grass tile, you need to match pieces surrounding it two times. You can leverage explosives such as firecrackers, dynamites, and bombs for clearing the segment where the gnome is stowed away. Try to make matches of four or higher for creative the maximum possible explosives and detonate them,  for removing the grass tiles.

  • Get more lives

You may struggle with certain levels and might have to play a particular level several times for completing it. When you are out of lives, you will need a lot of game currency to get more lives. Coins have a significant part in the Gardenscapes game, and the best thing is that they can be easily earned. With coins, you can refill your lives. When you do not succeed in completing a level, you can buy more moves for 900 coins. If you do not think you can pass the level with five extra moves, then use the 900 coins for getting five lives.

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